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The Basics Of Our Services

Our firm was founded in the wake of the Great Recession by a couple of fresh graduates from a prestigious university. They saw that because of the financial crisis, hundreds of thousands of students were unable to afford academic help. Moreover due to the climate, many students had to get odd jobs for some vital income. However, they were having trouble adjusting this new lifestyle with their studies. Due to this climate, the innovators devised a way to give students writing help that is affordable, as well as flexible.

They achieved this by utilising the power of the internet; and thus UK Academic Writers went online soon thereafter. Since then, we have been helping students manage their hectic lifestyles by clearing space on their schedules; all at inexpensive rates.

Why We Are a Necessity to So Many

Most of our first time callers don’t contact us with the intention of becoming regular customers. Usually it’s because of an unfortunately timed writing deadline that coincides with an important event that is leisurely, work related, or otherwise. After experiencing our writers’ impressive work, and seeing their time magically liberated, they develop a fondness for our services.

Three-way Battles are Unwinnable Alone

You may know students who somehow manage to perfectly balance their student life, job, and personal responsibilities. What you may not know, however, is that many of them get academic help themselves. You are not alone in struggling to fit all of these things into your routine. In keeping with our founding philosophy, our aim is to help you succeed at all three areas by giving you the needed time.

Health is Not a Negotiation

Now some students are actually able to do all of this, but it often comes at the expense of their health. There’s a reason why university life is often associated with a snack based diet and lack of sleep. If you don’t maintain a proper sleep cycle and healthy diet, you’re not going to be able to pay attention in class. This turns into a vicious cycle by which you become increasingly incapable of studying. Don’t put yourself through such stress, and simply get us to help you.

Don’t Miss Out On Your Youth

When you are a student, you have the once in a life time opportunity to cultivate yourself. Making connections, learning new skills, and simply enjoying the prime of your life is your right. You may not get a similar opportunity again in your life. Free up time your schedule so you can live life to its maximum.

Meet the Team of UK Academic Writers

We have four key departments that have since our inception worked to offer increasingly superior services.

  • The Writing Department
  • The Research Department
  • The Editing Department
  • The Legal Department

Instead on individual writers working all alone, we believe in structured teamwork to produce work that is always outstanding. These five branches complement each other and their combined power is what ensures that you will get extraordinary work on time.


UK Academic Writers offers quality academic writing assistance through its experienced personnel. However, students, under no given circumstances, can submit our assistance as their original work.

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COVID-19 outbreak has impacted the economy quite severely; hence we have dropped our service charges upto 15% as a caring gesture. While you may face slight delays in response time, assignment deliveries are guaranteed to be punctual.