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10 Brilliant Tips to Write the Perfect Letter Template
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10 Brilliant Tips to Write the Perfect Cover Letter Template

Once you have received your academic qualifications, the next step in the process is to integrate yourself into the job market successfully. To go about doing this, candidates usually need a resume/CV and a cover letter to go along with it when they send in their job applications. The cover letter is essentially an application letter which details an overview of your most relevant experience for the position. It is typically written in a personal and compelling manner to make the hiring manager consider you for the job.

A cover letter is a straightforward document, but it has its intricacies too. First off, to perfect it, the applicant has to follow the right format. When this is nailed, the actual writing part becomes much easier, especially if the candidate has good academic writing skills.

If you wish to have the perfect cover letter, follow the ten brilliant tips given below that will help you to get off on the right foot.

  1. Make a header and add relevant contact information
    The first thing a cover letter should detail is your contact information. For this, make a professional cover letter header that includes your name as well as contact information, like contact number, email ID, address and date.
  2. Add subject or title
    Next, add the title or subject of your cover letter. For example, ‘Application for Assistant Manager Position’.
  3. Address the hiring manager in the first or last name, depending on the company culture
    Then, depending on the company culture, if it is casual then address the hiring manager in the first name, otherwise use their last name to address or greet them.
  4. Start with an attention-grabbing piece of information about yourself
    Moving on, begin the actual content of the letter by stating an attention-grabbing fact about yourself, such as ‘last month, I hit a record of selling 15,000 mascara units.’ This lets the hiring manager know that you have unique qualities that may be useful for their company.
  5. Keep the paragraphs short
    While writing your cover letter, it is also important that you keep the lengths of the paragraph short, only talking about relevant bits of information.
  6. Use bullet pointers for added effect
    To leave a better impact on the hiring manager, use bullet pointers in your cover letter content to list down your essential qualities.
  7. End the letter with an ‘ask’
    When ending the letter make sure that you end it with a coercive question, such as ‘can we set a meeting to discuss how we can grow Linda’s Cosmetics by 25% next year?’ This will show the hiring manager that you already have solid plans for the company.
  8. End the letter on a polite note
    Towards the end, make sure to end the letter on a polite note.
  9. Let them know you are awaiting their response
    It is also crucial to let the hiring manager know that you are awaiting their response. This will show them that you are fully invested in attaining this position.
  10. Proofread the letter to perfection
    Lastly, before sending it in with your resume/CV, make sure to proofread and edit your letter to perfection, eliminating all mistakes that may have occurred in the letter.