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Top 100 synthesis essay topics
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Top 100 Synthesis Essay Topics

Nowadays, professors want students to thoroughly research topics before starting with the essay. Therefore, you should not just plagiarize content, but instead, invest time and skills to make your own deductions. For this purpose, assignment writing service UK has compiled a list of synthesis essay topics that you can choose from.

Social Apps

1. Is Facebook giving a rise to anti-social behaviour?
2. Does Instagram have any influence on the beauty standards?
3. The impact of social media on teens.
4. How secure do you feel with social apps?
5. How have shopping trends changed due to YouTube?
6. Did new dating habits get introduced due to social media?
7. How can Instagram make people feel uncomfortable?
8. Is youth satisfied with its online consumption?
9. Do we feel more attached to online communities?
10. Has social media affected journalism?

Education Essay

11.How can we give the charge of education to students?
12. Does class size have any impact on children?
13. Traditional Classroom vs. Technology.
14. Should schools have uniforms?
15. Do college professors have a right to carry guns?
16. Can we make college free?
17. Can college athletes earn money?
18. How does campus affect students?
19. Is there a quota system for foreign students?
20. The role of juvenile centres in our society.

Climate Synthesis Essay Topics

21. Are Monarch Butterflies becoming extinct?
22. The core reasons behind global warming?
23. Has life span been affected by climate change?
24. The effects of global warming on farms?
25. How have humans made marine life extinct?
26. The role of fossils in global warming.
27. How can we make use of alternatives of fossils?
28. The role of American lifestyle in global warming.
29. Has the USA played any role in eradicating global warming?
30. What have conservation forums done so far?

Technology Essay

31.Should violent video games be banned?
32. Has AI made any improvements in technology?
33. How can drones alter our privacy?
34. Should the government make tech devices free for everyone?
35. What changes should be observed in the transport system?
36. How do college athletes get recruited as professionals?
37. The major changes brought by the AI in the last ten years?
38. Has AI caused overproduction?
39. Can businesses become more productive with AI?
40. How has technology made entertainment accessible?

Society Synthesis Essay Topics

41.Should a college degree be a necessity?
42. Should we abolish the death penalty?
43. Does voting have any relevance?
44. Has outlawing drugs helped us?
45. Should privacy be compromised in the name of security?
46. Do juvenile homes produce more criminals?
47. Should parents monitor video content?
48. Do minority workers feel more included in corporate?
49. Have we bridged the gender gap in corporate?
50. The role of security agencies in spreading racism.

Health and Medicine Essay

51.Making marijuana legal in the USA is the answer.
52. Can sugary drinks be banned due to obesity?
53. How can we save animals from drug testing?
54. Are cosmetic surgeries necessary?
55. Why do citizens, not agree to free medical care?
56. Can we depend on the current healthcare system?
57. How should alternate medicines be insured?
58. The rate of US citizens going to other countries for medical treatment is high.
59. Should it be necessary to visit a doctor during minor issues?
60. How does lack of insurance affect health in the USA?

Art and Literature Synthesis Essay Topics

61. How important is graffiti in art?
62. Have modern graphic video games done any good?
63. Should music be made part of the curriculum?
64. The role of art in our lives?
65. How can we transform cinema?
66. Is fiction ethical?
67. The improvement in TV commercials.
68. Audiobooks vs. Paper books?
69. Can online libraries replace traditional libraries?
70. Is fiction an escape?

Morality Synthesis Essay

71. How much should you complain about your day?
72. The lack of healthcare in labour work?
73. Can nature be preserved as it keeps changing?
74. Talent vs. Hard Work- the better option?
75. Should prisoners have a right to vote?
76. How should we judge a business before buying clothes?
77. Should circuses and zoos be abolished?
78. How ethical is genetic breeding?
79. Does the accumulation of wealth help?
80. Do we have any control over our lives?

The Justice System Essay

81. Should the police be abolished?
82. How can mass shootings be prevented?
83. The issue of prison overcrowding.
84. Should prostitution be legal?
85. The representation of the black community in the justice system.
86. Do government employees get checked for ethics and taxes?
87. Is the US constitution inclusive of all citizens?
88. The lack of representation of black women in the system?
89. Is the law the same for the poor and rich?
90. The laws that only affect racial minorities.

Culture Synthesis Essay

91. Is the American Dream realistic?
92. Is the US economy suffering due to immigration?
93. Do immigrants take away jobs from the locals?
94. Should the Mexican wall be built?
95. The sexist notions in America.
96. Are classrooms culturally diverse?
97. How can every racial minority live in harmony in the UK?
98. Can we afford to become colour blind?
99. The effect of protests on young minds.
100. Is cancel culture harmful?

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