How to Pen down an Argumentative Essay? – A Complete Guide!

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3 Key Tips for How to Write an Argumentative Essay

Writing a compelling essay requires more than simply a perspective. Even the best argument will fall flat if it’s not constructed properly and backed by good logic and proof. In this blog, you’ll learn what features an argumentative essay must include and how to format it according to the audience.

It’s basically the capacity to make a convincing case that you need to have in your arsenal for standardized testing, AP examinations, and university assignment writing. Any student who wishes to excel on the essay component of an exam, or earn good grades in university, should learn how to effectively argue a case while writing. That’s what an argumentative essay requires. You have to be to the point with the perfect arguments to persuade your reader.

Meaning of Argumentative Essay

It’s quite simple. An essay that argues is called an argumentative essay. In an argumentative essay, the writer takes a stand on a certain subject and provides evidence backing up that perspective. If you are writing an argumentative essay, you are trying to persuade the audience that your stance is rational, moral and correct. It is the writer’s goal to convince the reader by explaining his or her logic as well as offering proof to substantiate it in an argumentative essay.

A popular task for college students is to write an argumentative essay on a given topic. Engineering, economics, finance, and medical services are some of the most common argumentative essay topics. As with any good argument, you have to know what has already been stated on the subject. If you want to understand more about a topic, you’ll need to do a lot of research. Argumentative essays, then, nearly always need you to use outside sources.

Tips on how to write an argumentative essay?

You might need some tips on how to write an argumentative essay as it is one daunting task. Students take aid from the internet and experts available online in order to complete their academic papers, especially those in which requirements are to write an argumentative essay. It’s because they don’t know how to start an argumentative essay. If you also face such problems, don’t worry! This blog will provide you with some effective tips that can help your case.

A thesis statement is the crux of any type of essay. Therefore, you have to focus on it. The thesis statement usually contains only one line, but it is the most significant section of your persuasive essay. An introduction paragraph’s thesis highlights the topic of your argumentative essay and prepares the reader for what follows.

Following are the tips that can make your essay more simple and succinct:

Writing Argumentative Essays with Questions

Students usually start writing argumentative essays with questions. You, too, should begin your essay with a huge question, either in the headline or the opening few phrases. Then, in your thesis statement, work your way up to addressing that question. Consider posing the question, “What is the best food?” in your header or intro. “Groundnut oil is the best for skin,” or something like that. As a result, readers are compelled to continue reading in order to find out the answer.

Choose an Argumentable Topic

Zunächst! Be certain that the topic you chose allows for an argument that can be backed by reliable and relevant evidence…and, sadly, your own ideas or that Twitter poll you attended last week is not going to exactly help in making the grades.

It’s only a matter of personal opinion. Select the material that permits you to adopt a perspective that can be backed by genuine, research-based facts and statistics. It’s the base of your essay because if the topic does not provide the writer with the content, he cannot do anything about it.

Give Reasons for Disagreements

Make sure to support what you state. Don’t shot an arrow in the air. If you disagree with something in the essay (which is necessary for an argumentative essay), make sure to give solid reasons. If you are unable to provide reasons, no one is going to believe any hearsay, and the essay will end up being a failure. Carry out proper research and get compelling reasons if you really want to make your arguments strong and convince the reader that what you are arguing for is worth it.

Focus on Your Major Points

Start with your major point and describe how you’re going to back it up with evidence. It is the most effective approach since it gives the reader a clear concept of what you’ll be discussing in your paper; this strategy works well. And it is a guide to keep you on track.

No Biasness

It is not an easy task to pick a topic for an argumentative paper. The job can be tricky. At the same time, it can be useful to pick a topic that relates to you emotionally. But you should be sure that you are not going to be biased because of your emotions. You must be able to remain detached, evaluate the facts persuasively, and, when necessary, argue different points of view without becoming too angry.

How Argumentative Essay Differs From Others

For one primary reason, argumentative essays differ from other forms of essays. It’s that you pick what the argument will be throughout the paper. When writing some types of essays, such as abstracts or persuasive, it’s important to be unbiased and neutral. The audience is smart, and they know who is telling what. What do you think? Can you play games with your professor in the write-up? Nah! Professors are too smart for it. You cannot make a fool of him by putting irrelevant or information that does not exist. So, be real while writing an argumentative essay.

Writers offer their perspective in argumentative essays, and occasionally they choose what they’ll argue about. The only thing you need to do is make absolutely sure that your point of view comes across as informed, strong, and compelling.

How to Outline Your Argumentative Essay

Argumentative essays should have a simple framework that is simple to follow for the audience. When writing an argumentative essay, the objective is to clearly state a point of view and provide logic and evidence to support it. A solid argumentative essay should adhere to the following format. You can also call it the perfect structure of an argumentative essay or parts of an argumentative essay.

Intro: Describe the issue, provide background details that are necessary to comprehend your argument, establish the arguments you will present, and state a thesis statement in the introductory paragraph of your essay. In the very next paragraph, state the thesis statement argumentative essay around which the whole essay is going to circulate.

Body: In a normal argumentative essay, there are two or more paragraphs in which you describe the arguments why you believe in your thesis statement. If you have more than one body paragraph, each one should have a topic sentence that illustrates why the audience should believe you. Examples, investigations, figures and surveys, as well as references, are used to support your arguments in the body paragraphs. You can debunk opposing viewpoints or clarify why you disagree with them. A reader’s trust will be earned by presenting the facts and analyzing a matter from all sides.

Conclusion: This part of the essay reiterates your thesis statement and summarizes all of your body paragraphs’ points. A good ending will appeal to the reader’s emotions rather than adding fresh facts or arguments. If a writer uses a personal anecdote, it’s to show how the subject has affected him or her personally. That’s how you write an argumentative essay conclusion.


Developing an argumentative essay technique involves focusing on three primary areas: establishing your argument (your thesis statement), addressing alternative opinions on your issue, and producing an effective conclusion. Think about these three factors, and you’ll be far more likely to create an intriguing, convincing, and distinctive argumentative essay that can help you in earning an A+ grade.

You should know how to effectively arrange your perspective because it is the key to a strong argumentative essay, even if you’re writing it as an aesthetic practice or attempting to pique the interest of a top newspaper. If you are unable to write your essays or other academic papers, order the academic writing service in UK available online. There are companies like UK Academic Writers that are providing students with the best academic help. Professional essayists and academic helpers are helping students under the banner of UK Academic Writers. Reach out to them today!