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Can An Average Academic Performer Improve Their Performance?

In every sphere of life, each individual strives for excellence and perfection. Be it their personal, be it their professional or be it their academic. It is true that we’re living in an era and age that glorifies confidence, status, and flawlessness. However, this is certainly a tall and high barometer we’ve set for ourselves, for our ability, for our success and our mental sanity. With that being said, it is still not unacceptable for students to endeavour to reach new horizons of success, a success which isn’t dictated by the society, instead it is self-dictated and self-measured, and it is, therefore, free from all the fringes and peripheral layers that come with the title of achieving success. Therefore, when looking to improve on your current performance or your current accomplishments, then make it a point to thoroughly read through the below-mentioned directives, as they can bring a significant shift in your academic domain. Time-Line: Working in a haphazard and complicated manner is just going to give rise to more unproductivity, inefficiency, and procrastination. These three elements are primarily the vices that contribute to poor or lowered academic performance, as students aren’t able to bring structure and a sense of balance to their lives, owing to the amount of disorder and disarray that has spewed around them. For this reason, students should work towards chronologically aligning their tasks, and as per the priority. By prioritizing and ranking different types of tasks, students will comprehend how to tackle each task, which component to handle first and how to go about dealing with their other pressing needs. Having a schedule and programme in place will aid the student to function pragmatically, without allowing too many intricacies to inhibit them and therefore they can complete their projects and meet their deadlines. Note Taking: It is very easy for students to forget matters, or simply not assimilate information. Hence, pupils should inculcate the practice of note-taking, as this helps them to hold onto information, read it later, and thus understand it in a more comprehensive sense. Once you start jotting down all the details being presented by your professor, you’re then more likely to comprehend every force engaging with that particular subject module. Once you’re thorough with your concepts, you can then interpret and deduce the questions asked from you more ably, as opposed to aimlessly answering misinterpreted questions. Work Station: If there are a pile of books, clutter, and disorder near your workstation, then you’re least likely to be motivated and stimulated to carry out the process of learning, studying or memorizing. Thus, in order to keep yourself driven, students should invest in themselves. They should keep their workstation clean and tidy, they should structure their different resource piles, they should eliminate the use of internet or social media near their study arena, and they should bring in a sense of discipline and dedication into their lives. On the whole, students must comprehend that they can excel in any sphere of their life if they’re motivated and charged enough. However, no external force can encourage or persuade an individual enough, until unless they are internally energized to push the envelope and enter a space filled with opportunities.

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