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15 Common Types of Tone in Writing

Tones of writing can be set by any combination of emotions, attitudes, and viewpoints. It is possible to describe the tone of a composition using an adjective. As a result, there is an endless number of tones that might be used. With that said, let’s take a look at the most commonly used 15 types […]

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Best ideas of Finance Research Topics for Postgraduate Students

So, you’re assigned with yet another research project, and this time it is Finance! The collective term ‘finance research projects’ is enough to cause endless nightmares, especially to the folks who are in the final year of their postgraduate program. At this stage, postgraduate students usually juggle multiple tasks that include exams, assignments, quizzes and […]

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Top Academic Writing Trends in 2019

Academic writing is not everyone’s forte, and if you are also among these unfortunate masses, you may understand the agony that comes with it, No matter how efficient you are at the learning part, your writing deficiency always get in the way to produce lower academic results. In case you took smart measures to tackle […]

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How to Improve Academic Writing Skills?

“Writing skills are a must in the realms of academics and students should remove their deficiencies in this sector as soon as possible.” “I want to score F grades, and nothing in this world can make me happier than scoring them!” One can only produce such a statement when he’s drunk, angry or out of […]

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5 Mistakes You Must Avoid To Get A Job After Graduation

In the current market, the supply is more than demand. The number of graduating students with natural talents is greater than the jobs available in a particular field. Considering these unfortunate numbers, it is crucial for you to avoid making any errors which can reduce the chances of landing a job after graduation. The following […]

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Complete Information About Different Research Methods For Assignment Writing

One of the requirements of university education is to submit thoroughly analysed assignments. Students are expected to curate papers which include content backed up by scientific and reliable research. It is mandatory for students to carry out a thorough investigation before initiating each assignment writing project. To carry out this research, the investment of time […]

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How To Cover The Word Limit In Assignment Writing

Meeting the word count is often the most challenging part of assignment writing. As a student, you may find yourself in situations where you have a lot to say, yet the word count is reached. On the contrary, you may also find yourself in situations, where you have stated everything which needs to be stated […]

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10 Brilliant Tips to Write the Perfect Cover Letter Template

Once you have received your academic qualifications, the next step in the process is to integrate yourself into the job market successfully. To go about doing this, candidates usually need a resume/CV and a cover letter to go along with it when they send in their job applications. The cover letter is essentially an application […]

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Top 10 Ways to Develop Your Academic Writing Style

Academic writing style holds paramount significance when originating a formal piece for class. The university curriculums put too much emphasis on the writing skills of the students. Therefore, it can become too exhausting for students who lack the aptitude for writing. The regular assignments that are assigned to students have to be well composed, sophisticated, […]

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Use Free 5 Apps and Programs to Craft Academic Writing

Academic writing is considered to be an intricate and tricky task as it demands certain characteristics, expertise, and command over the subject which can be hard to pull off. Students have to concentrate, dedicate time and strenuous effort to originate well composed, skilfully crafted, strictly designed, and accurately formatted assignments and essays on time. Hence, […]