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Empathy: A Weapon Or A Weakness?
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Empathy: A Weapon Or A Weakness?

In the fast pace evoked by the merciless times of today, people have forgotten to cherish the momentous happiness one derives from seeing another happy. Moreover, people have forgotten how being considerate towards another uplifts the status of their persona, as well. As, it makes them sympathetic, and at times empathetic, as well.

Such is the urgency inflicted by today’s time that long gone are the days when the purpose of communities was to share and care for their neighbours. Now it’s all about living in a reputable society, to have as much safety and standard, as they possibly could have.

Also, human interaction, although heightened by the job prospects of today’s time, has still been lowered greatly on emotional grounds. So, it is the norm nowadays to be nonchalant towards the presence of another, if it is of no concern to them. Hence, if you’re amongst the people who have forgotten to cherish the presence of another, and are wholly and solely engulfed by your own selfish needs, then you need to take the points mentioned below into consideration!

Nonchalance Makes You Undesirable in Social Gatherings

To have no sensitivity towards the sentiments of another is an extremely pathetic trait to possess. Moreover, to care little about how you act or how your demeanour comes across to another is even worse as it shows how little respect you possess for the beliefs of another. Hence, be considerate of your surroundings and always try and portray yourself in a pious manner. One that does not appear derogatory or insensitive towards the sentiments of anyone.

Empathy Fosters A Positive Outlook on Life

Empathy has been known to enhance the outlook of one towards life in positive manners as empathetic people are quick to help the ones in need. Thereby restoring the faith of the person, they helped and themselves in humanity; making it obvious that good still exists. Moreover, being of use to another uplifts the status of one’s capabilities in their own eyes, as well, as they see how they can make a difference.

Making it extremely hard for the horrors of life to dehumanise them or shatter their belief that good still exists. This thinking accumulates towards a healthier, more loving society, as people learn to help each other and care for one another. Hence, creating a rather positive aura of life.

Helps in Conflict Resolution

Being empathetic is not just being a nice person. It has a lot more to it – as an empathetic person is usually very wise, as well. This is because empathy enables one to walk in the shoes of another, hence allowing them to be considerate of different perspectives, as well.

Therefore, when a person can understand where another is coming from, it gets deliberately easier to evaluate and understand the course of an argument and solve it accordingly. Thus, if people like this are stuck in between an argument, it is always easier for them to resolve it than it would have been for a person otherwise.

Connects One Directly With Their Sentimental Values

Empathy allows one to feel things on a greater magnitude than a person would on a normal basis. This enables them to experience the density of their emotions head-on. Thereby making them aware of their emotional stability. Awareness as such contributes towards the development of interpersonal and communication skills – as a person in touch with their self is likely to portray themselves in a dignified manner, as well. Hence, making it relatively easier for them to approach others properly too.

Makes One Appear Rather Moral and At Times Nobel as Well

The values of an empathetic person are no more just related to their gain. They are often devout humanitarians and work for the betterment of the whole world. Mother Teresa and Nelson Mandela are exemplary of such fortitude. However, the world has experienced such nobility from young minds fighting for the betterment of this world, as well.

The climate change warrior, Greta Thunberg, is the epitome of such Nobel embodiment. As she’s fighting for the world to acknowledge the horrors, climate change will evoke on mankind thereby fighting for every single person on the face of Earth. Such devotion could not have just appeared from anywhere.

It is the perfect accumulation of empathy and determination that has enabled her to project her views in such strong ways. Hence, take the inclination you feel towards the pain of another seriously, as your work could better it, in many ways.

Helps People Co-Exist

People that are considerate of one another are a lot less likely to be at each other’s throat than people that are oblivious towards the sentiments of another. For instance, if three teenagers are placed in a house together, it will be relatively easier for the considerate one to co-exit with the other two, in comparison, to the rebellious one that picks up fights unnecessarily.

Moreover, people as such are extremely kind, as well, thereby making life easier for every soul that they encounter. So, be one your best behaviour and try and evaluate where one’s coming from, instead of pouncing over them instantly! For it is extremely unethical for one to lose their temper so easily.

Allows You To Build A Career Out For Yourself

The biggest of the accomplishments one can avail from being empathetic is that of being a doctor. The profession demands a doctor to feel the pain of its patients and hence treat them like they would treat themselves or a loved one. Such affinity towards another can only be experienced when a person allows themselves to not only be sympathetic but empathetic towards them.

As the duty of a doctor is to prioritise the safety and health of their patients above everything else and being empathetic is the only thing that allows them to do that. If you aim to be a doctor one day, do consider your moral values before making that decision. Contrastingly, it is true, that the grades of a candidate are imperative to the determination of their admission in med-school. Hence, it is best to seek assistance from essay writing service UK for any academic assistance.

Moreover, the personal statement of a candidate plays a big role in the acceptance of their med-school application, as well. So, allot it to any professional service as they are experts in persuasive writing. However, the practicality of this job is dependent on you. Hence, be as empathetic as you possibly can for it is the key aspect of being a doctor.

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