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Importance of questioning in classroom
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Importance Of Questioning In Classroom

Learning is a process that is incomplete without questions. While attending classes, students have a lot of questions roaming in their minds and sadly, most of them are unable to ask them out in the classroom. 

Ever wondered why they struggle to ask teachers for extra help? Why they prefer to sit in silence over raising questions? There are many reasons for that. Regardless of the reason, its impact is very dangerous. This silence is working as a blockage in the mind of students. They are just taking information like any robot with zero intellect.

Moreover, it can affect student’s academic performance, self-esteem and potential to learn more. When curiosity gets killed, there is no charm left in living or learning. 

What’s life? We are learning different lessons from different places, and the process never stops. If you are also struggling to ask questions in your classrooms, this blog can help you a lot. However, until then, you can hire an expert online. 

There are professionals who provide students with the best assignment help online. You can also share your academic problems with them as they are very keen to answer and help struggling students.

How to Help Yourself

Here are some tips that will help you in asking questions in your classrooms.

Accept That You Are Struggling

First of all, you have to accept that you are struggling with a particular subject. The ‘I know everything’ attitude will never help you in learning. Instead, it will pull you backwards. Try to accept that you need to ask that and if not, you might fail the course or end up scoring low.

Once you are done with that, the second thing is confidence. You might feel shame or embarrassment in asking different questions in front of the class. Many students think that asking the question will indicate that they are weak. But you should understand that it is a sign of maturity and strength. How will you be able to learn if you aren’t able to ask? Questioning everything around you is the first step on the ladder, which leads you to success because when you know better, you do better.  

Strengthen Your Metacognition 

Being a student, you must know where are you standing in terms of your academic reputation. Try to strengthen your metacognitive and self-reflection skills. In most cases, we see teachers or parents monitoring the progress of students but if you really want to be independent, you should take responsibility for the task. 

Try to monitor yourself and evaluate where you stand, what you need and what you really have. The process will help you realise that nobody is complete and raise the curiosity inside you. It’ll help in filling the void. Eventually, you will understand the perks of asking questions.

Teachers play a vital role in the cause and you can always count on them. You can gain explicit metacognitive skills with the help of your teachers. Tell them to work on me personally. For example, after a test, the teacher must ask how you studied, how much time did it take to cover that particular course, and how will you do better next time.

Teachers Are There To Help

You should develop this mindset that teachers are there in the classrooms to help you out. Their only aim is to make you a better version of yourself. Go ask a teacher why did they choose this profession? You will be amazed to hear their reply full of love and sympathy.  

Leave asking them, and think on your own. Why is this lady standing next to the whiteboard so eager to teach you lessons? Is it just because you are paying them, or is there something more to it? Teachers can use this question as a class exercise and learn what their students think about them. 

It will help in creating a comfortable environment in the classroom. Once students have a good understanding with teachers, nothing will stop them from asking questions during the lectures. Hence, they will start thinking out of the box and their creative thoughts will boom, which is very necessary for society.

Brainstorm and Initiate the Conversation 

Introverts are usually left out as they fail to ask questions in front of the whole class. However, if you are also counted amongst them; no need to worry. Start brainstorming and try to start the conversations. Teachers always love it when the quiet ones ask questions during the lecture. You might feel anxious or overwhelmed but you have to do it. Look at the bigger picture; just let this stage pass and everything will be fine in the end. 

This strategy will help you in building confidence and once you are able to ask the question in one class, you will start asking in the second and third as well. So, don’t hold back whatever is going on in your mind. Spit it out politely and clear the clutter. 

Did you know? This brainstorming exercise increases mental flexibility and creative problem solving skills among students. It means you can have two shots with one arrow. So, what’s the harm in trying? If you really want to move forward, it is essential to know what is happening in the surrounding and raise questions over what you think is wrong. Here is a quote that will make you understand the point. 

“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.”​

– Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Regardless of academic life, there will come stages in your practical life where you will be baffled. If you stayed quiet then and didn’t go against the flow for your right, you will fail to live a lively life. Therefore, it is very necessary to adopt the asking habit in the early stages of life. Now, the choice is yours. Either practice and speak out or live a mediocre life with your sealed lips. However, there are ways of asking and you should learn them as well. 

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