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The Controversy Behind the Holocaust

With the recent 75th anniversary of the Holocaust, the entire world gathered in processions to honour the memory of 11 million European Jews that were targeted by the Nazis during the Second World War.

The survivors were also invited to the Memorial where they recalled the atrocities they somehow managed to escape and multiple funds were inaugurated to support the families of the victims and the survivors.

The event of the Holocaust is marked as one of the most catastrophic ones in history, but the controversy behind it has still not been fully solved. Many supporters of the Nazi-Party deny the existence of the Holocaust. They insist that the incident has been exaggerated by the Jews to gain sympathy and to paint the party of Adolf Hitler as the only negative in the whole scenario.

However, the evidence suggests otherwise, so let’s look at some of the reasons by assignment help as to why the belief of Holocaust Denial, also referred to as Holocaust Revisionism, so prevalent among the opponents.

The Basic Denial

The opponents deny the Holocaust because they believe it is a conspiracy against Nazi Germany to display them as the only barbarians of World War II. They argue that the US President Roosevelt and British Prime Minister Winston Churchill schemed with the Jews to conceal their own atrocities by blaming Germany alone.

The claim, which is also followed by the Muslim countries of the Middle East, states that the Jews joined the aforementioned forces not just to collect money from the sympathies of the post-war funds, but also to establish the State of Israel to strengthen their own position in the world.

What About the Evidence?

The deaths and violence of the Holocaust are one of the most well-documented events of history. Still, Holocaust deniers insist that all the survivors were forced to lie and the soldiers form the Allies group reported the wrong number of killings.

However, it is important to note here that the supporters of Hitler were quite proud of their victory and some of the pictures of the violence come directly from the Nazi Party. Still, they now claim that those were also made up, and all the documented reports of mass murder were false.

Are Their Claims Authentic?

While there is no doubt that both the US and Britain government were an equal accomplice to the war crimes in world war 2, the fact that Neo-Nazism thrives on it is wrong. Even though Holocaust Revisionists attest to being genuine, almost none of them is a certified historian.

If you have followed the Holocaust controversy in the past, you would know that the firmest believer in the Holocaust being a hoax is David Irwing who had no college degree or certificate to support his credibility.

He was sued by an American scholar in England, Deborah Lipstadt, in 1966 for defamation because she argued that not only was he a Nazi apologist but also associated with the right-wing extremists to spread false news. For this, he was found guilty by the British court, and his license was revoked.

What is the Evidence in Favour?

Like we mentioned earlier, the evidence for the Holocaust is more precise than the War itself. The irony here lies in the fact that most of the documented facts and horrifying videotapes come from Nazi records that were confiscated by the Allies. Moreover, the survivors narrate such accurate details of the concentration camps where they were subjected to gas-chamber violence that it is quite impossible to deny such an event.

At the war crimes tribunal at Nuremberg, almost 3000 documents were offered by the Nazis in the prosecution in which the bombing and killings of the Jewish community were confirmed.

It is important to note that when the soldiers were converted after the War for the “Final Solution”, they did not argue about the Holocaust being a hoax and said that they were “only following orders.”

The Events are Exaggerated

Now comes the part where the Holocaust Revisionists agree that Jews were murdered in concentration camps, but they deny the number to be as big as 6 million. While the original deaths can never be known due to the lack of citizenship documentation during the War, many historians have reached a number as high as 11 million.

The deniers claim that during Hitler’s regime, the number of Jews in the country was less than 600,000, so it is impossible for the mass murder to happen.

However, most of the Jews during the time were residents of the country that were the most affected during the War, including Poland and former areas of the Soviet Union. The Protocol of Wannsee Conference is a German Document that narrates the agenda of the Nazi Party to destroy Judaism, and it lists the killing of 11 million Jews. When the population was documented post-war, a rough 6 million gap in the Jewish population was noticed which further supports the existence of the Holocaust.

Hitler Did Not Order It

So with all the evidence present, one argument of Holocaust Revisionists that remain is that even if the events were genuine, Hitler was not the one who instructed the soldiers to carry out such destructions.

Yes, Hitler never signed any orders of annihilating the Jewish camps because he might have landed in trouble, just like his “euthanasia order” when he subjected more than 70 000 German mental patients to death under the name of “charitable care facilities”.

He was aware that this would lower his popularity among the supporters who did not view him as a barbarian so, during the War, none of the orders was initiated by Adolf Hitler himself on paper. However, a lot of evidence of the mass murder being “the Fuehrer’s wish” is present as when on November 10, 1941, Higher SS and police leader, Friedrich Jeckeln was asked to liquidate Riga, an important Jewish town, the superiors mentioned the exact words of it being Hitler’s command.

Even when Hitler was just making plans for the War, the record of his speeches shows that he hoped “the result will be…. the annihilation of the Jewish race in Europe.”

So it is impossible to deny the Holocaust, and no matter how much evidence the Revisionists bring, there is so much more by their own Nazi party to counter their claims. On October 1981, Judge Thomas T. John of the California Superior Court claimed that the documentation was 100% authentic and he passed a law saying “The Holocaust is not reasonably subjected to dispute. It is simply a fact”.

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