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Touristy Doings: A Detailed Travel Guide for Bangkok


‘In 2018, 38.28 million tourists travel to Thailand, and a whopping 18.4% of Thailand’s GDP is accounted for by tourists.’ Such is the vastness of the tourists that flock to Thailand every year, and rightfully so, as the lures of its adventures are too tempting. From the myriads of escapades that it offers, a few are enlisted below to highlight the wide variety of rendezvous one can experience in Thailand.


  • Geographical wonders such as James bond Island in Phuket
  • The chaotic yet colourful nightlife in Pattaya
  • The proximity of nature in Krabi
  • Historic reminisces of world war II such as Death Valley and Hellfire Pass in Kanchanaburi

Although magnificent, the wonders of travelling through Thailand are not just limited to the ones mentioned above. As, it reigns over a plethora of some other attractive adventures, as well. The city of Bangkok serves as an equal adventure – It is a city laced with the remains of its cultural values that has advanced itself into a den for urbanised pleasures by working on its infrastructure and accommodations for the flocking tourists.

Thai Massage

None in this world can deny the relief derived from Thai massage. The procedure of Thai massages relies greatly on gentle pressure and stretching techniques to circulate blood throughout the body. This relieves stress, boosts energy, and improves the flexibility of one’s body, as well. All of these can be of great use to a fatigued tourist who has been running around the city in their sandals, tired to the core.

EmQuartier and Siam Square

The malls in Bangkok are fastidious. Their aura and their interior designs are ones that deserve appreciation. Moreover, every possible brand, affordable or luxurious, is present on these sites. On the other hand, the diverse number of restaurants present in these malls is also commendable. Especially the buffet of the Japanese restaurant Oishi in Siam square. Not only is its food exquisite, but the complimentary ice-creams of Hagen-Das amplifies the magnitude of their cuisine, as well.

Moreover, the glass bridge in emQuartier and the Escape Bangkok roof-top bar on it provides its visitors with an immaculate view of the night-life of Bangkok. You do not want to skip on that! Hence, do visit, whenever it is that you stop in Bangkok, as it will allow you to shop and eat in the most fulfilling manner, ever possible.

Indra and Onnut Market

However, if you’re a bit low on the budget. Travelling through the following markets will allow you to shop better, and with more affordable prices, as well. The clothes and the jewellery available (all the female readers especially) are out of the World. Hence, keep your pockets full and your eyes open – as you’d want to bring everything that you encounter over there, home!

Samutprakan Crocodile Farm and Zoo

Grotesque. Walking into the den of the most advanced and merciless predators of the world is not in the bucket list of every person. However, if you’re looking for a thriller – this place is exactly where you’d want to go. As combats in between a man and a crocodile are the common sights one encounter in this place. Moreover, you can feed these vicious monsters yourself, as well, for an increased amount of adrenaline rush.

However, do refrain from taking pictures with the pythons and tigers over there, as Thailand is known to use these creatures for their gain. Hence, invest nothing into the merciless industry of such animal abuse.

Terminal 21

Want to experience a plethora of different cultures in one go? Visit terminal 21 on Asoke station in Bangkok. The mall is designed to represent a new country on each of its floors. Hence, ethnic clothing, food, and architecture of that particular country are present on that floor. It is truly a tourist site and deserves a visit, therefore!

Chao Phraya River

The major river running through the centre of Bangkok is the Chao Phraya River. It takes its course through the city of Bangkok into the Gulf of Thailand. A great many cruises and ships allow tourists to travel through the waters of this river, exploring the city throughout the process. Hence, it is good to take a not so urbanised route at times and enjoy the natural course, as well.

Rooftop Bars

Bangkok is a site to see. All the sky-high buildings meddling with the clouds above, the lights in between twinkling underneath the night sky, and the density of the cumulus clouds, pouring down angrily on its residents – add to the chaotic serenity of the city. Hence, do experience the ecstasy of being on rooftop bars of Bangkok; Long table and Vertigo roof-top bars are epitomes of which.

Go Wakeboarding on Taco Lake

Water sports? Strikes any excitement in you? If not, you ought to try it out to see how fun it is! Especially when experienced against the subtle winds on taco lake and its calm waters. Wakeboarding and paddle boarding are the two main activities available over there both of which require immense body strength.

Hence, take this is as a warning and do not let the rope go when you’re wakeboarding. Hold it with all your strength, or else you’ll fall face-first into the water, strapped to the wakeboard. Do not, however, be intimated by the prospects of danger that it proposes as it’s not as difficult as it appears to be.

Khao san road

Tired of all the touristy sites? Need a night out to chill out with your buddies? Well, what better place than Khao San to party. The carefree vibe and the loud blaring music lures a great many tourists in.

Moreover, the souvenir shops, bars, tattoo shops, budget-friendly hotels, and market stalls all add to the excitement tourists feel while visiting it. Hence, all foreigners will be found here partying all night; submerged in the vibe of Bangkok. Khao San is, therefore, a must for everyone visiting Thailand for the first time!

Hence, if you haven’t finished your holiday assignments, allot them to essay writing service , and have an impeccable trip to the city of wanderers.


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