A Complete Guide to the Most Commonly Used Essay Words

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What Are the Common Words Used In an Essay

The words to use in an essay start to sound the same throughout years of authoring tasks. You can also find essay words in other languages that will wow your English instructor! “Excellent” and “states” and “assumes” are weary phrases for professors to see in essay after essay! 

What Are Essay Words?

Essay writing is a difficult task for a great proportion of individuals. For numerous students, the ability to write with proper essay phrases at the university level is a learned skill that takes years to perfect.

You’ve reached the perfect spot if you’re seeking terms and essay phrases to employ in your essay. You can employ these essay words in the introduction, body, and conclusion of your articles, which we’ve compiled for you.

Even though your thoughts and justifications should constantly be your personal, adopting several of the essay words and phrases from others is a terrific approach to better express your thoughts and maintain your audience’s attention from beginning to end.

Although it should go without mentioning, academic writing has definite professionalism to it. There is no place for informal and conversational words in a professional setting. So there are no LOLs, LMFAOs & OMGs to be found. But, on the other hand, formal academic writing can be far more delicate and, as we’ve already established, demands a high degree of competence.

Words to Use in an Essay Introduction

The opening sentence is generally the most difficult portion of academic writing. In order to begin writing an essay, however, it is necessary to create an outline of your thesis and develop your ideas.

If your audience has no idea what you’re talking concerning, your opening line should clarify it. Your essay introduction should be explained to a five-year-level old’s of understanding without compromising the elegance of your academic work. This can be accomplished by using any of the following expressions or phrases to assist you to stay on track.

Introduce your work using a 600-word opening if you have a 3000-word paper. Sometimes it’s suggested that the opening of a paper be prepared after all other sections have been composed. You can’t determine out precisely what goes in the beginning portion of the essay until you’ve seen everything in its entirety. Speak with confidence about your specific theme, and follow up your statements with relevant references to support your claims with competent essay phrases. Upon reviewing the introduction, the reader should have a distinct notion of what to anticipate from the remainder of the essay.

Following are the essay words that can be utilized in the essay introduction.

  1. Firstly, secondly, thirdly
  2. In view of; in light of; considering
  3. According to X; X stated that; referring to the views of X
  4. Moreover; furthermore; in addition; what’s more
  5. In order to; to that end; to this end
  6. In other words; to put it another way; that is; to put it more simply
  7. Similarly; likewise; another key fact to remember; as well as; an equally significant aspect of
  8. Conversely; however; alternatively; on the contrary; on the other hand; whereas
  9. Despite this; provided that; nonetheless
  10. By contrast; in comparison; then again; that said; yet

Essay Words and Essay Phrases List For an Introduction

Below is a vast list of general and most common essay phrases that can be employed in an essay introduction.

1- General Introduction:

  • Research on __ has a long tradition
  • For decades, one of the most popular ideas in __ literature is the idea that __
  • Recent theoretical developments have revealed that __
  • A common strategy used to study __ is to __
  • This research constitutes a relatively new area that has emerged from __
  • These approaches have been influential in the field because of __
  • In the past several decades, __ have played an important role in __
  • There are growing appeals for __
  • This is the field of study that deals with __

2- Problem Definition:

  • This seems to be a common problem in __
  • This leads to myriad problems in __
  • The main problem is that __
  • There is a further problem with __
  • One primary problem with __ is that __
  • The methods are not without their problems, as will be discussed in __
  • The foremost problems are the facts that __

3- Gaps In Literature:

  • There is no previous research using the __ approach.
  • As far as we know, no previous research has investigated __
  • There has been less previous evidence for __
  • Other studies have failed to __
  • To our knowledge, no study has yielded __
  • No study to date has examined __

4- The Solution To Problem:

  • One way to overcome these problems is to __
  • There are many alternative methods available for solving these problems.
  • In order to rectify the problem of __
  • A solution to this problem is proposed in __
  • One approach to solve this problem involves the use of __

5- Study Motivation:

  • It is of interest to know whether __  still holds.
  • It would be of special interest to__
  • We, therefore, analyzed __ and investigated whether __
  • For this study, it was of interest to investigate __
  • We investigated whether __ can be partly explained by __

6- Aims & Objectives:

  • The aim is to develop more sophisticated methods for __
  • This work aims to develop __
  • The aims in this chapter are twofold: First __, Second __
  • For our first goal, we focus on two problems __
  • The aim here is to investigate __

7- The Importance And Advantages Of Your Work:

  • This thesis documents several key contributions made to the fields of __
  • This thesis has made a number of significant contributions to the field of __
  • The contributions made here have wide applicability.
  • The contributions made should be of wide interest.
  • The first main contribution proposed in this field is a __

There are several more essay phrases that can be used but the ones mentioned are the most common ones.

Words to Use in an Essay’s Body

The essay’s body comes next after the essay’s opening. This is the part of the essay when an author can present their facts and arguments to substantiate their claims with strong essay words. Next, partition the content into multiple parts, each of which should contain a discussion of an argument supported by solid material.

Having a strong point of view and supporting evidence is only half the battle. If you want your readers to trust you, you need to make them believe it with appropriate words for essays.

In this section, we are listing down several words to use in an essay’s body with their brief description and which words they replace.

  • Myriad

Definition: Numerous or exceedingly large numbers

Replaces: A lot

In essays, the term myriad is one of the best ones to employ! The inclination to use phrases like “many situations” or “many encounters” in our writings doesn’t make your essay stick out to a professor, though. Incorporate this term in your essay if you want to impress your professor! ‘The author provides a myriad of approaches for the situation,’ for example.

  • Asserts

Definition: A fact or viewpoint with confidence and conviction

Replaces: Says

You should also include “asserts” in your personal lexicon. Then, when you use this verb, you don’t seem like a word nerd, even though it’s more forceful than “says.”

  • Egregious

Definition: Outstandingly bad; shocking

Replaces: Bad

An adjective like “bad” could be replaced with a more academic phrase like “egregious”! If you want to dazzle your English professor, incorporate this word in your next paper! When you say it, you’ll sound like a literary marvel.

  • Erroneous

Definition: Incorrect

Replaces: Wrong

Because it implies exactly what it feels like, erroneous is a straightforward phrase to memorize. However, you may take your literature to another level by including erroneous in your writings. This adjective is appropriate for characterizing an author’s atrocious assertion.

  • Engenders

Definition: To cause or give rise to

Replaces: Causes

Your teacher will be blown away when you substitute “causes” with “engenders”! In spite of the fact that “causes” isn’t the most abrasive word to employ in an essay, it can nevertheless become overused. Many individuals will write on what causes occurrences in their next assignment, but you’ll be the first to express what engenders occurrences in your paper!

  • Salient

Definition: Most notable or important

Replaces: Important

Consider using the word salient when you’re composing your next essay. When used correctly, the word salient can readily replace words such as “primary” or “important”. However, nobody could disagree that substituting “important” with salient would not result in a superior written piece, in my opinion.

With these 06 essay words mentioned and described above, it’s a guaranteed fact that your essay vocabulary would become rich and will surely stand out from the rest of the class.

Essay Words List for the Body of the Essay

As mentioned above, the words described were just the tip of the iceberg, and there are so many more essay phrases that can be utilized within the essay’s body.

  • Employs

Definition: To make use of

Replaces: Uses

  • Reasons

Definition: Think, comprehend, and make decisions based on a logical procedure

Replaces: Thinks

  • Advantageous

Definition: Providing an advantage; favorable; beneficial

Replaces: Good

  • Galvanize

Definition: Shock or excite (someone), typically into taking action

Replaces: Motivates

  • Craft

Definition: To manufacture something with skills

Replaces: Makes/Produce/Creates/Writes

  • Substantiate

Definition: Provide evidence to support or prove a claim

Replaces: Proves

  • Caustic

Definition: Chemicals that can cause biological tissue to be burned or corroded

Replaces: Harsh/Mean

  • Elucidate

Definition: To make clear

Replaces: Explain

  • Esoteric

Definition: Only a tiny group of people with specialized expertise or interests will be able to understand it.

Replaces: Obscure

  • Tenuous

Definition: Very weak

Replaces: Fragile

  • Perfunctory

Definition: Minimum effort

Replaces: Careless

  • Anomaly

Definition: Something unordinary

Replaces: Oddity, abnormality

The list of essay words above is more than sufficient. In the essay, such terms help you express your views and thoughts more clearly. Create a masterpiece for yourself by getting to know these academic phrases for essay writing.

Essay Words List to Use in the Conclusion

It’s time to compose a definitive conclusion now that you have completed the first two sections of your essay. Why bother with a conclusion when you could just paraphrase the entire work? That’s what most people are wondering. That’s not the case, unfortunately. In an essay, the conclusion is just as crucial as any other element. Incorrectly written essays can cost you a lot of points. Below you will find a list of essays words that you can use at the end of your essay.

  • Concluding everything
  • In a nutshell
  • To conclude
  • To sum up things
  • In short
  • In summary
  • It has been shown that
  • Thus
  • Therefore
  • To summarize the whole essay
  • In brief
  • To end up
  • To take stock
  • So,
  • In the end
  • At last
  • To wrap up the things

Use these essay words at the end of your essay to bring it to a satisfying finish.

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